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We have more than 40 years of formal education, experience, and training to find Laboratory data quality issues and deficiencies that impact your project. E-Lab Data Consultants support local, state, and federal government agencies, prime contractors, and private industry. Our senior chemists are very familiar with the analytical methodologies employed across a vast spectrum of environmental analytical chemistry and quality assurance protocols, quality control requirements, and data reporting specifications that are typically applicable in work performed for various regulatory programs. We provide technical oversight services to monitor commercial analytical laboratories for compliance with contract requirements, federal regulations, and generally accepted industry standards for environmental chemical analyses. For most of our clients, our technical oversight services include third-party validation of analytical data and advise on the data use limitations. However, we also assist clients in the development of the project specific technical and quality assurance protocols under which samples and analytical data for their projects will be acquired, validated, and maintained.  

Project Support


We currently serve small and large commercial clients in their Environmental Property Assessment needs under various regulatory programs that include pst, phase 1 and 2, VCP, and State/EPA Investigation. Remediation Programs.  SWPPP, SPCC, EPA Tier 2 and other online reporting systems.

Field Sampling and Analysis

E-Lab has collected samples under the most extreme conditions.

Industry Leaders in Sampling Procedures; we can assist you (or Turn Key) Field Assessments, sampling design (Visual Sample Planning), various media sampling; consolidated and unconsolidated waste, sediments, fish tissue, air, soil, water (surface and ground), and fence line monitoring and Even DNA Amplification for Weaponized Biologicals.  



Our Client list include prime contractors for Federal Projects. References can be supplied at your request or via LinkedIn.

Program Experience

E-Lab has collected samples under the most extreme conditions.


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